My name is Nicola Fehlmann. I am 51 and originally from Johannesburg. I moved to Geneva in the late 80’s where I met my husband and began a family. I had my children very close together, my daughter was 13 months when I gave birth to premature twin boys. Those were wonderful years and also very hard and lonely ones.

In considering what mine and the children’s needs were: in the summer of 1999 (my daughter was 24 mths and the boys, 11mths) I bought the Kiddie Club House to start my dream space and job. The first thing wes put in was the mini road for the children! As we also lived in the house, there were playrooms just everywhere. Teaching children has always been my passion and I began to study as much as I could on everything relevant to this.

Nicola Fehlmann

Story Time, Nicola Fehlmann

I used to source my toys and equipment from all over the world and families would ask me to order for them too. Kiddie Club expanded into an educational toy and bookshop: first in Geneva, then another Playgroup and shop in Gland. In a short space of time I was no longer in my happy place: on the floor with the children, learning as much as I could about them. I was managing staff, leases, accounts, ordering fun things I wouldn’t get to play with, and just drowning in admin. I thought expansion was growth. I learned that, for me, growth was about consolidation: taking what I am passionate about, going deeper, making it the best I can and having a lot more time to BE. Being with my family, myself: doing what I love. As I believe free time is so important for children to learn and live through their own play: so is it important for us to have this time to reflect, consider, plan, explore, enjoy and play too.

Downsizing was interesting, to say the least, and I have not regretted it for a minute. I sold the building in Gland to an association for children on the autism spectrum, closed the shops, and got back to the children I had missed so much.

In the 18 years the classes have been running, Kiddie Club has had over a thousand children through the doors and, in many cases, has had the same family for many years as each of the children grew up.

I enjoy it today as much as I enjoyed it when my own children were in sessions with me. I have made many friends through the years and have been privileged to remain in contact as the children have grown up.

I love the work I do and am committed to supporting the children’s development and joy to the best of my ability.

I believe that healthy development brings joy and joy brings healthy development.

I invite you to come dance, sing, laugh, explore, cry, make friends, discover, drink coffee, get wet, play and just BE in a safe, friendly and fun home.


  • DIRFloortime(R) Therapist. Certified by ICDL ( and PROFECTUM (
  • Therapeutic Play and Creative Arts Therapist Trainee (
  • Certified STAT(TM) Screener (Screening Tool for Autism in Toddlers and Young Children) (
  • Introductory SOMA/RPM(R) provider (
  • Introductory HANDLE(R) provider (
  • Masters Learning Sciences & Technology (with merit), University of Sydney.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychological counselling (with distinction), University of South Africa.
  • 15 years teaching experience.
  • 3 children (girl 17 years and twin boys 16 years).
  • Languages spoken English and French.

Information updated April 2017.