A 1.5 hour bilingual (English/French) session with music, movement and multi-sensory exploration in the indoor play areas and Natural Play garden.

A maximum of 8 children, accompanied by an adult, come to the same class each week for 1.5 hours.

  • Small classes enable us to offer individualised activities to support each child in their personal development. Having the same children enables them to get to know each other and establish friendships.
  • Having a mix of ages resembles a village setting, or when all the cousins get together on family occasions: the younger children learn a lot from the older ones, who in turn enjoy the privileges of being able to help and lead.
  • A longer session allows us the time to offer both structured and free play activities in the indoor areas and enchanting garden.

We cover a range of skills in each class; early numeracy and literacy, social interaction, fine & gross motor, rhythm and pattern recognition, problem solving, sensory processing, visual-spatial skills, auditory awareness, oral-motor development, self-awareness and confidence, emotional literacy, musical appreciation etc.

The second part of the session allows the children to play, socialise and explore freely in the other playrooms and garden. This time and these areas have a number of activities designed to promote imagination, independence, exploration, social skills and physical development. We consider this a very important moment and encourage caregivers to make friends, have a coffee or tea, and just enjoy letting the children discover in a safe, fun space.